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Jammy Fu
Aug 24, 2017

Greg Brands
Jul 13, 2017

Frank Colosimo
Jul 10, 2017

I had wonderful customer service my salesperson Randy was amazing

Diane Beard-Enrique
Jun 06, 2017

I have not owned a Hot Tub before, and decided now was the time - a retirement necessity - LoL. My initial impressions of Rick's Spas were - # Large showroom, with a large assortment of makes and models. # We were greeted at the door, and encouraged to ask questions when we were ready. # No sales pressure at all. After we narrowed our search down to four tubs that suited our requirements, we began asking questions. I did a fair amount of research before even going to look, so I began with questions we already knew the answers to - you know - "testing the waters". These guys know everything about every make and model they carry. The pros, the cons, and the reasons why. They do not have a hidden agenda for "pushing" one brand over another. There were several "used" spas on display, but my preference is the same as buying a car....Buy new - you do not want somebody else's problems or leftovers, and common sense tells me that you do not know how the tub was previously maintained or used, and some problems are not initially apparent - so we shopped for new ones. Their prices were on par, with a nice discount for cash purchase on a hot tub. Delivery, cover, steps and start up chemicals are included in the price. This alone set them apart from "other" stores I have been to - who charged for these in addition to the price of the tub. We narrowed our choice down to two tubs , and decided to research both a bit further before purchasing one. We came back the following day - our selection being made. We selected the colors, paid, and were given a 3-4 week window since the tub is manufactured in Oregon and shipped here. The only "hiccough" was - it actually took 5 weeks for the whole process, and I had to call at the 4 week mark to check on delivery status. My spa was delivered and set up exactly 5 weeks after ordering. My only critique is - I should not have had to call Ricks Spas. I am very happy with my Hot Tub, and highly recommend Spa Max (Ricks Spas) to anybody who are considering getting a Hot Tub. You get great prices, large variety, and no "surprise" costs at the end.

Neil Derry
Jun 04, 2017

Great service

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